What are the TOMaHAWK Training Drumsticks made out of?
The sticks are injection moded ABS Plastic, and are extremely durable.  In fact, it’s even difficult to break them over your knee.

Do you have a set of TOMaHAWK Training Drumsticks without the “blade” on the tip?
Currently, there is only one version available.  However, even though the sticks are very durable, they are designed to allow the user to break the “blade” off, and file down the excess.  Now you have the same stick, but with only the training grip left.   This is especially good for band students who may need to use the sticks on surfaces or objects other than a drumhead.

Are TOMaHAWK Training Drumsticks useful for experienced drummers?
Yes!  Not only do the sticks help fine tune your positioning, they also keep the Left and Right hands in identical position.  This is very difficult to achieve for most people, since they usually are much more coordinated with their dominant hand.  The end result for an experienced drummer is more consistent sound and a more powerful stroke.

How did you arrive at the proper grip shape for the TOMaHAWK Training Drumsticks?
The shape of the molded grip is a result of interviewing many different drum instructors and teachers, each of whom had their own personal preferences.  The shape allows the user to utilize an “open” or “closed” style grip, depending on their instructor’s preference.  For those who are beginning drummers teaching themselves, you can be assured that you won’t develop any bad habits that will prevent you from progressing on your own or with a teacher later on.  For teachers and instructors, you will have enough flexibility to fine tune the grip for your students.

Do you have a training drumstick for Traditional Grip?
Not yet, but check back often for new product variations!

Can I use the TOMaHAWK Training Drumsticks on a full drumset?
Yes!  The sticks hold up to abuse from cymbals and rim shots very well., and can be moved around the set like regular drum sticks.  They may make you work a little harder , but that’s because they won’t allow your form to fall apart when you reach to your floor toms or ride cymbals.  You’ll be able to pick up speed and power all around the set.

How do I know if I’m hitting the drum surface correctly?
The TOMaHAWK Training Drumsticks have an slightly enlarged tip on the bottom side of the stick that allows you to strike the drum surface cleanly with a vertical stroke.  However, if you rotate your wrist from the correct position, the “blade” will hit the drumhead first, changing the sound.  The same goes for striking too steeply.  If your attack is too steep, the “blade” will strike the drumhead instead of the tip, causing an unnatural sound.