How to Use

Position sticks on flat surface just above waist level with arrows pointing to each other as shown.

With palms facing down, pick up each stick by grasping raised portion of stick between thumb and index finger as shown. 

With upright posture and elbows relaxed at your side, strike the drum using your wrists to move the tip of each stick straight up and down.  Keep tips and arrows aligned and as close together as you can without sticks hitting each other.

Strike the drumhead with only the tip of the stick. 

Practice Perfectly!

Maintain Training

After enough practice to reinforce proper drumstick stroke, the “blades” can be removed to keep only the grip portion of the stick intact. 
File or sand the remaining plastic away from the bead of the stick to create a smooth tip. The sticks can now be used to reinforce the grip position and balance point while allowing more advanced drum techniques.