Benefits of TOMaHAWK
Training Drum Sticks:

  • Not only teaches proper form, but prevents bad form
  • (Perfect practice makes perfect)
  • Saves teachers headache of continually enforcing proper grip technique.  Allows students to advance more quickly.
  • Promotes muscle memory for grip and stroke – locks hands in proper position.
  • Molded grip shape prevents hands from rotating on the drumstick.
  • Molded grip prevents hand from sliding up the stick, maintaining proper balance point
  • Blade prevents hands from “rolling” outward or striking too steeply
  • Blade and grip help keep right and left hands identical to one another, making them sound the same.
  • Audible feedback – proper sound made only by keeping blade
    from contacting drum surface
  • Visual feedback – long matching side with alignment arrows lines up sticks at 80 degrees to each other, encourages a vertical stroke, and encourages student
    to keep tips close together.
  • Can be used with “open” or “closed” style matched grip.